Tulsa (and OK) Flips over their first Trader Joe's

Over the past three years I've painted over 125 murals for over a dozen Trader Joe's across Texas, Colorado, and Louisiana... but the good folks in Tulsa get the award for best fans.  The very first TJ's in the state of Oklahoma landed in Tulsa and they brought me in to paint the town.  Literally.  That's what Trader Joe's is known for -- murals of the local communities in which they reside.  While I'm a Dallas and Texas native, I have family in Tulsa, so it was special for them to see my work up close (and I may have even snuck some of them into a few of the pieces.)  The media liked it too and I ended up in a few news pieces (see below). 

Commissioned custom Abstract-ism

This was a little outside my norm but these were fun to do.  A corporate client asked me to create a series of contemporary and colorful pieces featuring inspirational words for their main office.  Initially they wanted me to paint some murals directly on their walls but we came up with the idea of a series of large canvases as they're expanding soon and will probably be moving them.  

Morocco in Dallas

I just designed and painted this intricate (and labor-intensive!) design inside a beautiful Dallas home.  The owner decorated the whole interior with pieces she's collected from her amazing world travels... and was nice enough to serve me high tea on several occasions during my time there.  I even came down from the scaffolding to drink it. ;)  It was truly meaningful to be part of such a well-thought out home.  


#CaTs of InStAgRaM

Lately, I have been spending way too much time looking at cats on the internet. I can lose hours looking at adorable pictures and videos of cats and kittens. Since I do not have a pet of my own, I was feeling a little disconnected. So, I decided to paint cats. It's a small way of participating in the fandom of cats.  It also lets me peruse #catsofinstagram for hours and call it "work".

I select images from the #catsofinstagram and ask permission from the poster. When finished, I tag the poster/cat owner. 

@uoduam I painted your cat #catsofinstagram #cats #art #painting #catlover #pets #catlovers #oilpainting #fineart #kitty #crazycatlady #neoncourtney

New work

In the studio working on some new works… They are a little bit different than the usual. ;) Will post an update soon! XOXO, Courtney